Simple and Different but Still Potatoes.
Enjoy Life with Colomba!

About Colomba


Colomba is a potato that you will love. This versatile spud is fantastic & fresh, making it ideal for creating the most delicious dishes for you and your friends. It is a round to oval shaped, yellow fleshed potato variety that is an excellent multi-purpose kitchen staple. It can be distinguished from other varieties by its exceptional taste and texture.

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Quick, Fun and Easy Recipes to Try. For more Delicious Recipes, Click Here.

  • remainingdish

    Potato Crumble Bowl

    with a Potato Crust Crumble

  • fishfillet

    Fish Fillet

    with Potato and Apples

  • mushroomcake

    Mushroom Cake

    with Potato

  • sandwhichshell

    Sandwich Shell

    with Potato

  • thinpotato

    Thin Potato Rosette Tart

    with Puff Pastry

  • potatorolls

    Potato Rolls

    with Bacon

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